Transformer Auto Test

Transformer Auto Test (TAT) - A Systematic way to increase the Efficiency, Productivity of Distribution Transformer Testing Department.

TAT is a fully integrated automated test bench for testing of Distribution Transformers up to 630 KVA. TAT is used for automatic testing of a distribution transformer, that acquires on-line data from test instruments, prints reports that are in full compliance with international standards such as IS, IEC, and ANSI. TAT covers all routine tests including the high voltage test.

With TAT, the operator connects transformer leads to the test bench. Then, he clicks or presses Push button to start the tests sequentially. TAT then automatically conducts various tests such as no load loss test, load loss test, and other routine tests one by one. TAT signals completion of the test on the screen or through a light indication. The system then logs the data in the PC and subsequently generates reports.

Benefits of TAT
• TAT increases testing productivity significantly by reducing test preparation time, testing process time, and report generation time
• Because of the fixed cabling with instruments, TAT eliminates the cable connection time
• TAT saves a lot of time during testing and even more due to the automatic report generation facility
• Automated data acquisition ensures error free data logging and thereby error free final print report
• TAT allows you to view data collected from all of your plants and assists in carrying out statistical analysis of test results across plants
• TAT allows users to easily store and retrieve data with a simple but intuitive graphical user interface

Tests Covered By TAT

Sr.No Tests
1 Measurement of Voltage Ratio
2 Vector Voltage Measurement
3 Measurement of Winding Resistance
4 Measurement of Insulation Resistance
5 Measurement of No Load Loss
6 Measurement of Load Loss
7 Induced Over Voltage Test
8 Magnetic Balance Test

Equipments offered along with TAT

Sr.No Equipments List
1 Motor Generator Set
2 Voltage Regulator
3 Booster Transformer
4 CTs & PTs
5 HV Tester

Instruments offered along with TAT

Sr.No Instruments List
1 Power Analyser
2 Ratio Meter
3 Resistance meter
4 Insulation Tester