Intelligent Capacitor Testing & Reporting system (ICTRS)

A Systematic way to increase the Efficiency, Productivity & Accuracy of the Capacitor Testing Dept.

CapTRS is a versatile, PC based Capacitor Test Laboratory with Cap Test Pro software, an Intelligent Capacitor testing & Reporting software at its heart. A comprehensive hardware-software suite that consists of fully interfaced test instruments and an integrated test bench catering to multiple capacitors and standards while encompassing the entire testing process. Prolific's CapTRS is for testing of capacitors that acquires on-line data from test instruments, and prints reports that are compliant with all national and international standards such as IS : 13585, IEC: 60931, IEC: 931-1 for LT Capacitors and IS : 13925, IEC: 60871, IEC : 871-1 & 2, IEC: 60549 for HT capacitors.

CapTRS is a fully integrated test suite for testing of Capacitor units up to the 800 KVAr for HT Capacitors and 50 KVAr for LT Capacitors and also for Testing of capacitor banks. The suite consists of Test Bench, Testing & Measuring Instruments, and Cap Test Pro Software – a Graphical Interface & Reporting Software, Variac, Step-up Transformer, Balancing Reactor, HV Tester etc

Benefits of CapTRS

CapTRS Increases the testing productivity significantly by reducing the test preparation time, testing process time and report generation time etc.

Automatic data acquisition ensures error free measurements, automatically does statistical analysis and prints reports with index numbering.

It allows users to easily store and retrieve data with simple but intuitive graphical user interface.

Automation of whole testing process ensures safety of equipments and personnel.

Loading transformer

Balancing transformer

Tests Covered by CapTRS

Sr.No Tests
1 Measurement of Capacitance
2 Measurement of Tangent of Dielectric Loss Angle (Tan-delta)
3 HV Voltage Test
4 AC Voltage Test Between Terminals and Container
5 Test for Internal Discharge Resistance
6 Discharge Test on Internal Fuses
7 Disconnecting Test on Internal Fuses
8 Thermal Stability Test
9 Ageing Test
10 Destruction Test
11 Sealing Test