Transformer Design Software - TDPro

To Optimize and Generate Effective Design of Distribution transformer up to 80MVA / 220 kV by giving a few inputs. TDPro is used to automate Transformer design process by entering the basic design inputs. TDPro automatically computes electrical & mechanical calculations, Bill of quantity & costing. TDPro outputs Winding card, Core card, Design data sheet, Raw Material Cost sheet & General Arrangement Diagram. It complies with all types of reference standard and is useful to design oil cooled distribution transformers of rating up to 80MVA / 220kV class.It also gives designs of dry type transformers upto 2.5 MVA/36 kV.

In TDPro software, different types of phases, ratings, windings, core with all possible variation are standardized. The bill of material will have all component details like quantity, weight, values of variable parameters, material code, material specification, & Remark etc.

TDPro Supports
Transformer Types Distribution, Power, Isolation, Ultra Isolation, Lighting.
Reference Standards IS 2026, IS 1180, IS 11171, IEC 60076, ANSI, CBIP, ECBC, SABS, EU-ECO and GOST.
Ratting 5KVA to 10000 KVA with 2 windings, 3 phases, up to 36 KV class & upto 80MVA / 220kV with 3 windings.
Cooling Types Dry type (VPI) and Oil cooled
Core Materials CRGO and AMORPHOUS
Core Construction Wound Shell Type, Wound Core Type, Rectangular Type, Amorphous Shell Type, Amorphous Core Type, Circular / Circular Stacked Core and Flat/Flat Stacked Core.
Winding Materials Copper, Aluminium and Copper-Clad Aluminium.
Winding Types CO-CO, Layer-Layer, Layer - CO, Foil - Layer, Foil - CO, Foil - Disc, Layer - Disc, Disc - Disc

The software will be used to take the input from the user, software will do

• LV & HV winding details with Ratio error calculation

• Core details

• Insulation details

• Tank, Radiator & Conservator details

• Fitting & Accessories details

• Short circuit calculation details

• Bill of material

• General Arrangement Drawing

• Rating Plate Drawing

• Terminal Marking Plate Drawing

Approval Documents:

• GTP, • Core Area Calculation, • Flux Density Calculation, • No Load Cruel, • Load Loss Calculation, • Fins Calculation, • Thermal Ability Calculation, • Hot Spot Temperature Calculation, • Current Density Calculation, • Oil Absorption Calculation, • Symetrical Short Circuit Calculation

Manufacturing specifications:

• LV & HV winding specifications

• HV Coil Assembly

• Core Coil Assembly

• Internal Drawing

• Winding Arrangement

Manufacturing Drawings (2D & 3D):

• Part Frame

• Tank with fitting and Accessories

• Loose Part Drawing

To make a new design, just input or select basic parameters like

KVA rating

HT & LV voltage

Tapping range

Cooling type

Phase & no. of winding

TDPro automatically computes

Flux density of transformer

Conductor size

Conductor Arrangement

LV turns

Dia factor

Core grades

Core size

No. of HV coils/discs per limb

Size of HV/LV conductor(s)

Winding type Helical, Cross Over, Foil, Disc winding.

Blade width of core

Radiator width & height


Load loss

No load losses

Eddy loss

Stray loss



Weight of copper, iron, insulation, oil and Mass weight of transformer

HV turns

Core weight stack wise

Width of each stack

Length of each stack

Values of Axial and radial forces developed in the windings during short circuits

Short circuit force calculation

Temperature gradients for HV and LV

Thermal Time Constant

Withstand short circuits with winding temperature rise.

Total heat to be dissipated and hence the total number of radiators

Core details

Weight of copper with insulation and without insulation

Conservator size

Oil quantity

Bill of material


By Optimizing Design You Will Get

Raw Material Costing of transformer

Losses - no load loss, eddy loss, stray loss and load loss of transformer

Tank dimensions

Energy efficient transformer

• Hot spot temperature rise calculation.

• Because of the software design and the easy of making multiple iterations of the same design, it is easy to optimize the transformer design to use a minimum of expensive materials. You can customize the design to meet your own inventory needs using various parameters of cores, windings, tank assembly etc. that cost less for you to purchase and are best for easy production.

• Engineering time required to complete a design is reduced to more minutes. This is especially valuable when you need to get quick and accurate quotations to your customers.

• Because all calculations are done automatically, human errors are eliminated which in turn eliminate costs associated with these. This aspect is also very important to the productive capacity of your design engineers as design stress is alleviated.

• Check the results and if the results are not satisfied or not matching with your specifications, change the default values as per your specifications to get the desired results. You can get results as per your requirements.

• Estimation and costing sheets are generated in the different format (PDF, XLS etc) for easy access, printing and sending the same via email to clients for approval, in house departments like design, QC, purchase, estimation, production, dispatch. So TDPro saves time, energy and revenue.

• The bill of material will have all component details like, quantity, weight, values of variable parameters, material code, material specification, reference drawing & Remark etc.

Requisite PRE

Intel Core i7 Processor @ 3.00 GHz 3.30 GHz or higher Version

Ram 8Gb min, Hard disk 1 Tb + 256Gb SSD

4Gb Graphics Card, 15.6HD led

64 bit Windows 10 Pro or ultimate SP1 Operating System and Internet information Service installed

Screen Resolution : 1366 X 768

Full access with administrative rights

Team Viewer Version 9 (download link:

NET frame work 4.5

With NET frame work 3.5.1

Auto Desk Inventor Pro 2018 (for 2D & 3D drawings)