Annual Maintenance Contract

Software Development Solutions

Coverage under this offer is all items supplied by Prolific as part of the package. Our offer envisages the availability of our engineer for Preventive maintenance visit in a year.

Preventive maintenance

On-site Services (Visit to site by our engineer)

Taking Backup of the PLC program of test benches and HMI system.

Inspection of the Errors in the PLC & HMI System.

Debugging problems in the functioning of the HMI & PLC System.

Minor changes in logic, if any, as per requirements as per suggested by customer.

Checking integrity of PLC and HMI system with test bench.

General checkup of wiring of the test benches and updating of the changes, if any, in your as-built drawing of the Test Bench's documentation

Verification readings of all Indicating meters, transducers, RTD sensors, protection devices.

Maintenance of PLC based test bench, low voltage auto trolley, power panel, VFD, Soft start, HT/LT Switches etc.

Maintenance of HT/LT capacitor bank.

Verification of proper Cabling / cleanliness of test benches, as needed shall be done by WEG.

Off-site Services ( by phone, email or chat)

Any issues in PLC / HMI logic & TTP Software will be done remotely subject to availability of internet connection & your testing engineer.

We will assist to your engineer for debugging the problem.