? Intelligent Transformer Testing and Reporting Laboratory, Transformer Test System, Mumbai, India

Intelligent Transformer Testing and Reporting Laboratory

Revolutionizing the ways Transformers are tested on Test Floors

Prolific's Intelligent Transformer Testing and Reporting Laboratory (ITTRL) is an effective systemic response aimed at significantly enhancing productivity, efficiency and integrity of the transformer testing process along with the facility of automatic report generation that adheres to the strict guidelines and reporting formats of various international standards. ITTRL is a versatile, PC based system with Transformer Test Pro, an intelligent transformer testing software, at its heart. ITTRL consists of fully interfaced test instruments and an integrated test bench for the benefit of transformer manufacturers. ITTRL – A comprehensive hardware-software suite catering to multiple transformers, testing instruments and standards while encompassing the entire testing process

Prolific's ITTRL is devised for testing of transformers, acquiring on-line data from test instruments, and printing reports that are compliant with all national and international standards such as IS-2026, IEC-60076, ANSI-C57,IS 11171, CBID, SABS etc.

ITTRL is suitable for testing of all types of transformers including Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer, Furnace Transformer, Dry type, Cast Resin type, Rectifier Transformer, Generator Transformer, Locomotive Transformer etc. ITTRL can be used for testing transformers of all ratings up to 1200KV. It is already in use at several locations for testing transformers up to 750MVA.

ITTRL has following components

Transformer Test Pro - an Intelligent Transformer Testing & Reporting Software

Transformer Test Bench

Transformer Power Panel

HV Tester / MG Set / SFC / Capacitor Bank / Voltage Regulator / CTs & PTs

ITTRL is a modular system that is available as a complete system or in modules. Let us look at each of them in detail.

Tests Covered by CapTRS

Products Max Transformer Ratings/ Voltage Class
630KVA/36KV 10MVA/66KV 50 MVA/132KV 315MVA/220KV 750MVA/1200KV
Transformer Test Bench
Transformer Test Bench with PLC + HMI
Transformer Power Panel
MG Set / HV Tester / SFC, etc
Transformer Auto Test
Transformer Test Pro Software
TDPro-Transformer Design Software