Automated Low Voltage (LV) Tests Trolley for Transformer Testing

A Systematic way to increase the Productivity, Consistency, Reliability of Testing 2 / 3 winding Transformers of all ratings up to 900 MVA

Fully integrated automated LV Tests Trolley connects to a transformer, acquires on-line data from test instruments, prints report in full compliance with international standards such as IS, IEC, SABS & ANSI.

Benefits of LV Tests Trolley

Movable across the test floor, LV Tests Trolley is on castor wheels

Connection of transformer to LV Tests Trolley only once (twice in case of 3 windings). All LV tests are conducted in sequence. Because of the fixed cabling with instruments, LV TESTS TROLLEY eliminates the multiple times cable connection

Automatic Motorized Tap changing operation for Winding Resistance Test ( 25A current max) & Turns Ratio Test.

Increases testing productivity significantly by reducing test preparation time, testing process time, and report generation time

Equipped with world-wide acclaimed Transformer Test Pro (TTP) software for automated data acquisition that ensures error free data logging and Automatic Report generation with a single click

LV TESTS TROLLEY allows users to easily store and retrieve data with a simple but intuitive graphical user interface

LV Tests TROLLEY interfaces with TEST BENCH from where power tests are conducted

ITTRL is a modular system that is available as a complete system or in modules. Let us look at each of them in detail.

Instruments Mounted on LV Tests Trolley

Sr No. Instruments List
1 Ratio Meter
2 Resistance meter
3 Insulation Tester

Tests Covered By LV Tests Trolley

Sr No. Tests
1 Winding Resistance
2 Turns Ratio
3 Insulation Resistance
4 Vector Voltage
5 Magnetic Balance Test

Order Code:

LV Tests Trolley – To be purchased along with TTP

TTP – Transformer Test Pro Software for GUI, DAQ and Test Report generation

Test Leads – for HV & LV, 10M length, 5KV Insulation sleeved with crocodile clips