Motor Automatic Test (MAT)

A Systematic way to increase the efficiency, productivity of the motor testing department

MAT is a fully integrated test suite for testing of 1 / 3 phase Motors of all rating. The suite consists of Test bench, Motor Test Pro – an interface and reporting software, Frquency converter, Torque transducers, measuring instruments, Variac, Tapping transformer, HV tester, Barcode printer & scanner, name plate punching machine and rotor locking mechanism.

With MAT, operator connects motor leads to the test bench. Then he clicks to start tests in sequence. MAT then automatically conducts all the tests and signals completion on the screen. MAT prints report that are in full compliance with IS, IEC & IEEE standards and name plate is automatically punched.

Benefits of MAT

The regenerative test system is cost effective solutions and offers significant energy savings compared to other conventional method.

Automated data acquisition ensures error free data logging and assists in carrying out statistical analysis of test results.

It allows users to easily store and retrieve data with simple but intuitive graphical user interface.

It increases testing productivity significantly by reducing test preparation time, testing process time and report generation time

Because of fixed cabling with instruments, MAT eliminates the subsequent cable connection time.

Prolific provides

Routine tests setup

Type tests setup with regenerative method

Type tests setup with Dynamometer

Customized Motor test setup

Customer of MAT

Crompton Greaves Ltd

Deleum Rotary Services Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia

Rotomotive Powerdrives India Ltd

Amber engineering enterprise, Rajkot

EMR Engineering Services Sdn Bhd, Malaysia



Following Curves covered by “Motor Test Pro” software

Output Power Vs Efficiency

Output Power Vs Speed

Current Vs Voltage (Magnetization Curve)

V2 Vs Watt

Torque Vs Speed

Current Vs Speed

Temperature rise graph

Tests Covered by CapTRS

Sr.No Tests
Routine Tests
1 Measurement of Winding Resistance
2 Measurement of Load Loss (Lock Rotor Test)
3 Measurement of No Load Loss
4 Insulation Test
5 THV Test

Instruments covered in MAT

Sr.No Instruments
1 Resistance meter
2 Insulation & HV Tester
3 Barcode printer & Scanner
4 Power analyser
5 Torque Transducer
6 Temperature sensor
7 Vibration sensor
8 Noise level meter

Tests Covered by CapTRS

Sr.No Tests
Type Tests
1 No load loss
2 Winding Resistance Test
3 Load test
4 Efficiency Test
5 Friction and Windage Loss Test
6 Measurement Of Starting, Pull Up, Break-Down & Running Torque
7 Temperature rise test
8 Momentary Overload Test
9 Reduced Voltage Test
10 Over Speed Test
11 Surge test
12 Noise level test
13 Vibration test