Intelligent String Monitoring Box (SMB) / String Combiner Box (SCB) Testing & Reporting Laboratory

ISMBTL is a fully integrated test suite for testing of SMB/SCB.

A Systematic way to increase the efficiency and productivity of the testing of String Monitoring Box (SMB)/ String Combiner Box(SCB).

What it consist of?

• Test Bench

• SMB Test Pro Software

• DC Power Source

• Test Bed

• RTD PT 100


• Exication Transformer

• Power Contactors

What we provide?

SMB Test Pro Software

SMB Test Pro



Data Log

Barcode Printing

The system acquires various parameters like current, voltage, temperature, etc from Monitoring Board on real time basis for generation of Test reports.

Test Covered By ISMBTL

Open Circuit Test

Short Circuit test

Temperature Rise Test

High Voltage Test

IR Test

Salient Features

Lab Suitable for up to 32 numbers of string inputs

injection of current in multiple strings at a time.

SCADA comm. as per customers protocol.

Automatic Barcode Label printing


Increase testing productivity by reducing time and rapid report generation.

Easy to store data.

Capable of data manipulation and analysis as per customers requirement.

Test report printing automatically.