Shunt Reactor Test System

Shunt Reactor Test System (ISRTL)

A Systematic way to test the shunt reactor

SRTS is a fully integrated test suite for testing of reactors up to 1000Amp. SRTS also used to test the magnetization characteristics of the reactor core.

Benefits of SRTS

Automated data acquisition ensures error free data logging and assists in carrying out statistical analysis of test results.

It allows users to easily store and retrieve data with simple but intuitive graphical user interface.

Linearity Test Bench

(complying with IEC 60076—6)

Tests Covered by ISRTL

Sr.No Tests
1 Measurement Of Load Loss And Impedance At Cold Condition
2 Measurement Of Load Loss And Impedance At Hot Condition
3 Measurement Of Impedance By V-i Method
4 Measurement Of Vibration Level
5 Measurement Of Stress Level
6 Measurement Of Volt-ampere Characteristics Of Shunt Reactor (Magnetic Characteristics Of Shunt Reactor)
7 Temperature Rise Test
8 Dga Test On Oil Before And After Temperature Rise Test
9 Measurement Of Capacitance And Dissipation Factor
10 Measurement Of Harmonics
11 Measurement Of Acoustic Noise Level
12 Measurement Of Zero Phase Sequence Impedance
13 Lightening Impulse Voltage Withstand Test
14 Lightening Impulse Voltage Withstand Test For Neutral Winding
15 Measurement Of Winding Resistance
16 Measurement Of Insulation Resistance
17 Switching Impulse Voltage Withstand Test
18 Separate Source Voltage Withstand Test
19 Induced Over Voltage Withstand Test With Partial Discharge
20 Isolation Test

Linearity Test System Schematic