LCD Based Test Bench

A Systematic way to increase the Productivity, Consistency, Reliability of Testing Transformers of all ratings up to 900 MVA

Fully integrated Automated Test Bench is for conducting either All Tests or Power Tests. Test Bench connects to a 2 / 3/ 4 winding transformer, acquires on-line data from Power Analyzer, prints report in full compliance with international standards such as IS, IEC, SABS & ANSI.

Benefits of Automated Test Bench

Automatic operation of Dimmer and Generator

Automatic Tap Changing of Booster and Automatic Voltage setting

Automatic CT PT Tap selection (secondary side)

Automatic optimal measuring range selection of the test Instrument

Automatic & unmanned measurements of Resistance during Temperature Rise Test and automatic report generation with Cooling Curve Graph.

Visualization & Control of all power circuits, their parameters, alarms on 15” LCD touch screen

Because of the fixed cabling with Power Analyzer (PA) & other Meters, eliminates the multiple times connection of PA

Equipped with world-wide acclaimed Transformer Test Pro (TTP) software for automated data acquisition that ensures error-free data-logging and Automatic report generation with a single click

Test Bench allows user to easily store and retrieve data with a simple but intuitive graphical user interface.

Increases testing productivity significantly by reducing test preparation time, testing process time, and report generation time

In-built Protections for user, TUT & Equipments & Instruments

Interface with LV Tests Trolley, ensuring printing of full test reports from both places

Tests Covered By Test Bench
Sr.No. Tests
1 No Load Loss & Current
2 Load Loss & Short Circuit Impedance
3 Impedance Voltage
4 Induced Over Voltage (DVDF)
5 Applied Voltage ( Hi Pot )
6 Partial Discharge
7 Temperature Rise
8 Harmonics
9 Zero Phase Sequence Impedance
Order Code:

TB-P – Test Bench for Power Tests (To be purchased along with LV Tests Trolley)
TB-F – Test Bench for All Tests (Separate LV Tests Trolley not required)
TTP – Transformer Test Pro Software for GUI, DAQ and Test Report generation